James Gibb Stuart's name added to the Great Tapestry Of Scotland


James Gibb Stuart is one of the few people in the United Kingdom that truly understand the meaning of monetary reform and how our whole society is built around a fabrication that money is good for us and the misconceptions which have caused it to exert such a malign influence over society at large.

This new site continues to promote a range of socially desirable economic and monetary ideas which, where tested, have proved their value and practicality in the market place: but which have nevertheless been wilfully and ruthlessly suppressed by that all-embracing control system we have come to know as the Establishment.

This website includes a Blog which enables James to converse with the many people who share similar views and to respond alike to those people who disagree with his thinking, of which there are of course a number.

James has published a number of books over many years and these can be purchased including the new revision to the best seller, Fantopian entitled ‘Fantopian Perspective’.

As of now, the internet is still free of taboos or constraints. It may not always be so, but thus far the establishment have not evolved a subtle method of sifting out the challenging and the unacceptable….not yet at least. So provided you do not slander or defame, indulge in gross indecency you can use the web to inform, teach, advise and debate on any subject under the sun…. even upon the manner in which the developed world gets its money.