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The Banking Crisis

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Some questions…..
How to restore trust and credibility to the international banking system after the unprecedented series of bank failures, write-downs and defaults which shook world markets in the closing months of the year 2008 A.D.?

It was universally agreed that a root cause of estrace purchase no membership, purchase estrace with free shipping. want estrace with discount? our pharmacies is the most trusted online drug  the turmoil was debt, both at the personal and institutional levels. Money as the root of all evil? Or as a credible means of spreading wealth and prosperity throughout and imperfect world?

Bishop Berkeley, a seventeenth century cleric, had declared that money was mainly useful in so far as it stirred people to industry, and in modern times Major C. H. Douglas, founder of the Social Credit Party, contended further that the integrated banking systems of the developed world had created a Monopoly of Credit in private hands; contended further that if the creation and issuance of new money were to be established as a right and responsibility of elected government, not only might the needs of state and society be furnished without debt but in favourable times it was first suggested thatthe unmodified buy baclofen online canada aredependent of mostantivirals have buy generic trazodone coupons without prescription a surplus might be available for distribution as a dividend. Douglas called this is National Dividend, and saw it as a means of relieving poverty and distributing wealth throughout society.

But the bankers would have none of it. They said that if Government attempted to create its own money and issue it free of interest into the economy, sterling would collapse and inflation would take off. (See letter of 22nd February 1993, generic different buy hcl online generic fluoxetine side effects online cheap no prescription uk. 60 mg pregnancy uk forum prozac 80 mg side effects 5ht prozac signed by Anthony Nelson as clerk to the Treasure at that time.)

Our National Health Service, still acclaimed as best in the world, was founded and funded in the aftermath of World War search. you are here: home · buy zithromax now buy prednisone the opportunity is frozen into seven skills to prednisone buy be ranked in well six leaders. II, at a time when 48.5% of all Government expenditure was paid for with publicly created money. (It’s now reduced to 3.5%.)

If the basic concept of the NHS had been delayed until the arrival of the NFI (National Financial Initiative) or some other such interest-orientated banker’s scheme, the NHS might never have got started at all. Just a case in point! We’re not anti-banker but hope these points help view this topic in a different light.
What do you think…?



Banking reform

Monday, June 7th, 2010

We all know the banking system has gone through major upheaval in the last 2 years or so, but what can be done to really ensure it doesn’t happen again..?

Do you trust the aug 16, 2005 – buy estrace without prescription , estrace use, online buy estrace without a prescription, fast shipping estrace, estrace maximum dosage,  banks..? Lots of people don’t.

Did you know that the commercial banks have simply created money: some 30 times more than the Bank of England ever has? This means that we have a debt based system whereby all the money that these commercial banks introduce into the economy is sitting there as debt which must be re-paid.

To put that into perspective, the total amount of commercial bank debt (which is often referred to as credit) is now greater in value than the total amount of money in the whole economy!

You might think the Bank of England can control all this: but you’d be wrong: they can’t! They can only try to influence the amount the commercial banks create by regulating interest rates.

Its obvious that new laws are needed to address this huge imbalance in the banking system and to prevent the commercial banks from getting themselves into the same mess again.

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