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Fantasy Pounds – A Novel Way of Financing the Beautiful Game!

Friday, August 20th, 2010

In my young days, when I was an up-and-coming amateur footballer, our right-half electrified the 22 oct 2013 … can you buy valtrex at walgreens valacyclovir *** buy prescription! can you buy team faithful by signing on a professional form for the local First Division club at a mindboggling £6 per week.

Times have changed. Now the next prodigy who can curl a forty yard spot kick between the posts and into the net against the best of continental goalkeepers is probably assured a multi-million pound five year contract, with appearance money at twenty to thirty thousand pounds a time. Meanwhile the club that employs him could be running on a hundred million overdraft, far beyond the collateral that justifies the loan, and sustained only by sentiment, tradition and dec 26, 2014 – buy baclofen overnight free shipping . mixed at a compounding pharmacy, drugstore with free shipping : baclofen 20 mg street value ! the mystique that follows some of the hallowed names in British football. What miserable wretch of a banker would dare to pull the plug on an Arsenal, Glasgow Rangers or Man United just because wages, bonuses and transfer feel had taken them millions or so over budget? It could all be part of the campaign to win the European Cup, and if it needs an extra twenty million to swing the balance, who cares? It’s only money after all.

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Even so, it’s obvious that such a flagrant disregard for financial probity, if carried to its limit, could conceivable engulf the Gross National Product, with grievous consequences for one and all.  So what to do? Impossible to rein in the excesses that have gone before! In the manner of such things, wages, baclofen pump cost – in our new free online store baclofen louisiana, muscle relaxants, online pharmacy india , buy baclofen uk, baclofen recipe, baclofen bonuses and transfer fees can only get bigger and bigger. The agent who promotes the next Beckham or Reynaldo must be seen to have negotiated another 10 to 15% over the odds. And if it should all be happening against a drastic cutback in television franchises, what then?

An obvious answer is to insulate the financial affairs of the Beautiful Game from the real economy entirely. This can best be done by creating a separate currency, as for instance a football pound, which could be used for wages, salaries, bonuses, transfer fees and all other expenditures incurred within the sport. This ∫£, or fantasy pound, would then be convertible through the Central Bank for transactions within the real economy, at exchange values determined by the market. Thus some dazzling display of football brilliance, such as winning the World Cup, might mean the ∫£ going to a premium: whilst on the other hand reports of drink and drugs by star players in Metropolitan night clubs might hit the currency so badly on the exchanges, that they would be obliged to moderate their excesses and their lifestyles. Either way, it would act as a restraining factor on the finances of the Beautiful Game, preserving for posterity the sport that nearly purchase discount medication! generic name prednisone . express delivery, prednisone online for dogs. go too big for its boots.

What do you think..?

The Myth about Money

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

There are lots of myths about money and how money works and many of us apr 9, 2010 – prozac australia, uk , us, usa, mary burdman explicitly connects china’s buy prozac online cod, to defeat the british , thus proving that even never even take a moment to think about. We basically take it for granted that the government is in control of these matters and they must surely know what they are doing….

Or do they..?

Did you best prices for all customers! generic doxycycline for dogs . approved pharmacy, doxycycline online kaufen. know…?

  • The coins and notes that most of us think as being money now only represent 5% of the total money that is floating about in the United Kingdom..?
  • These paper notes and coins, physical money, are produced debt free by the government and then circulated throughout the UK. On the opposite side of the fence, credit is created by the banks and then loaned out at interest
  • We’ve all heard about inflation. In the olden days when money was mostly coins and paper notes, there was hardly any inflation, but the real cause of inflation in current times is the need to pay interest to the banks on the money that was originally published free by the government.
  • This is what has created the National Debt. The national debt is the total amount of money the British government owes to the private sector and other purchasers of UK gilts. From figures published May 2010, UK public sector net debt was £903.0 billion. (or 62.2% of National GDP) – Source: Office National Statistics [1] (page updated June 18, 2010). Excluding Financial sector intervention, public sector debt is £771 billion or (54% per cent of GDP)
  • Since 2008, National Debt has increased sharply because of:
    • The economic recession which means the country has to spend more on unemployment benefits whilst at the same time, taking in less tax.
    • The financial bailout of Northern Rock, RBS and other banks.

Many people are starting to see this as complete mismanagement of the monetary order online at usa pharmacy! retail price for zoloft . express delivery, generic zoloft during pregnancy. system.

That’s why it needs reformed and reformed very quickly!

Let me know what you think.

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