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The Trouble with Economists

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Most economists don’t understand money, interest and debt. Maybe they’re afraid to understand – because if they did – they’d have to do something about it – and get into trouble with the buy sertraline online after comparing prices. order zoloft without a prescription. how much does generic zoloft cost? people who do understand i.e. the leading bankers.

Thus the situation in monetary theory is where sex education would be if the storks and babies fairy tale had zithromax z pak price zithromax online become the official paradigm. The facts about money – and baby creation – are well understood – but economists feel bound by the fairy tale.

They likewise feel constrained to treat money like sex, as a risqué subject better ignored in polite company. But most economists do believe that if the world were different from what it is, things would probably happen differently from the way they do today.

This reconciliation as between fact and fantasy enables them to dwell in the best of all possible worlds, whilst being eternally bemused by the great problems of debt, despair and depression they see all around them.

With apologies to the late John Hotson, a professor of Economics at Waterloo University, Ontario, Canada. He said it first!