James Gibb Stuart's name added to the Great Tapestry Of Scotland


Following a career in the army and the RAF James published his first book, ‘Mind Benders’, in 1979. Thereafter, books entitled, ‘The Hidden Menace’ and ‘The Beast in the Temple’ were published which were all forerunners of the ‘Money Bomb’ published in 1983.

‘Money Bomb’ was launched on the morning of the Chancellors Budget in April 1983 and although it was featured in the 1st Edition of the London Evening Standard, but the time the second edition was on the streets, the article on the ‘Money Bomb’ had been pulled. Similarly orders taken earlier that day from Publishers were mysteriously then cancelled.

Clearly the ‘Money Bomb’ had hit a raw nerve with the authorities and the assumption is that the powers that be, must have felt it was too close to the truth for comfort.

James continued to amass interest from various groups around the world who were equally passionate about Monetary reform, including Stephen Zarlenga and Dennis Kucinich.

James has now published a dozen or so books and booklets on the current monetary system and continues to update these as the affairs of Government and monetary policy continues to change, particularly in current times.