James Gibb Stuart's name added to the Great Tapestry Of Scotland

Ossian Papers

James has published a series of papers over a number of years and continues to add to them to highlight the current monetary issues which are all pervading.

Even although some of these were written several years ago, they still hold true in reflecting the issues we see today surrounding debt, interest rates, money supply and the cost of money.

The papers are listed below:

No1. It’s Really Very Simple [pdf]
No2. Money and Resources [pdf]
No3. The Money Creators [pdf]
No4. Whose Money Is It? [pdf]
No5. The Vital Issue [pdf]
No6. The Need for Public Awareness [pdf]
No7. A Debt-creating Discipline [pdf]
No8. Confronting an Established Order [pdf]
No9. A System out of Control [pdf]
No10. Keeping it Simple [pdf]